Alan Scott Pate

is proud to announce the publication of

Japanese Dolls
The Fascinating World Of Ningyô

by Alan Scott Pate

Tuttle Publishing 2008
8-3/4" x 11-1/4", Hardcover, 272 pages

398 color illustrations
Extensive index, glossary of doll terms,
and bibliography.

This richly illustrated text is the second volume in Alan Pate's series on antique Japanese dolls, known as ningyô. Topics include historical collections in Japan, Europe, and the United States, with never-before published archival photographs; doll shops in Edo-period Japan; an introduction to collecting Girl’s Day and Boy’s Day dolls, palace dolls, fashion dolls, kokeshi, clay dolls, takeda theatrical dolls, and ichimatsu dolls among many others. The volume concludes with practical advice on caring for your antique Japanese dolls and includes a comprehensive list of where to acquire and view Japanese dolls in Japan and the US.

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